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Semana Santa in Antigua

La Semana Santa (Holy Week) is the annual Catholic commemoration of the Passion of Christ. In Antigua, Guatemala, the entire city participates in the celebration. Religious brotherhoods organize processions where worshippers in purple, white, or black robes and sometimes pointed conical hats carry enormous floats covered with life-size religious statues. The air is thick with incense as devotees purify the procession path, constantly replenishing their incense burners. Beautiful carpets of flowers are built on the streets, a unique Guatemalan tradition, as a short-lived offering to God.

France Leclerc, born in Quebec, Canada, is an independent photographer who currently lives in Chicago. Her early career was in academia, but she decided to make a change to pursue her true passion for photography. The most prominent themes of her work are culture (especially disappearing ones), gender, and social inequality. She likes to describe her work as “life photography”, though her approach is a mix between documentary and street photography.

Awards 2023 LensCulture Photography Festival, Third Place
2022 Miami Street Photography Festival, Third Place
2021 PX3 Gold Medal Street Photography Category
2021 PX3 Bronze Medal Press Category
2021 PX3 State of the World, Shortlisted
2021 Portrait of Humanity, Finalist
2021 IPA Award People and Lifestyle, Honorable Mention
2021 Siena International Photo Award, Journeys, and Adventure, Honorable Mention