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Behind Closed Doors: UK's Dairy Industry

Intensive dairy farms are often difficult to access, meaning investigators can only document conditions undercover, typically at night. This photo series was taken on multiple visits alongside investigators from the advocacy group Viva! to one of the UK’s leading dairy facilities.

With around 1.9 million cows living on 13,000 farms, the UK is one of Europe's highest milk producers. 2,000 of these farms are “zero-grazed”, which means the cows are kept permanently inside sheds. Intensive dairy farms are increasing in the UK as farmers face pressure to maximise production while reducing costs.

Amy Jones is the photographer behind Moving Animals. Since 2018, she has worked on the ground across seven different countries to document the plight of animals used for food, entertainment, fashion, and experimentation. Her work has informed and strengthened the campaigns of multiple animal advocacy groups and has been featured in over 150 media outlets.

Awards Winner of the Earth.Org “Overall Best Environmental Photo” 2023 and the “Wildlife in Peril” 2023 category.