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Absences and relocations.

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    Lorenzo Lumeras, Spain
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Georgian displaced people and refugees from the war in Abkhasia occupied the apartments of the spas that were left abandoned after the dissolution of the Soviet union. Now in 2022 they have been relocated with some haste as foreigners investors have bought the spas to turn them in luxury hotels in Tskaltubo (Georgia). They have left their memories, their crockery, the portraits of the deceased husbands and the children´s toys in the rooms as if someone still had to pick them up. Some families still resist but some prefer to stay in the luxurious old Soviet-era spas that are still state-owned.

Awards Honour mention PRAXIS gallery Minneapolis EEUU. 2016
Selected exibition PRAXIS GALLERY (MINNEAPOLIS)2019

Collective exhibition MILLEPIANI gallery ROME.
DECEMBER 2019 and March 2020.

first prize "Ciudad de Badajoz" 2016
Exhibition at "Palacio de Linares" Cibeles (Madrid) 2016
Second prize "Ciudad de Badajoz" photo prize. 2019
Second prize "Sala el Brocense" Visual arts awards. Cáceres (Spain) 2018