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The Korah community

The community of Korah is located at footsteps of a trash dump area nearby Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, an area characterised by extreme poverty and environmental pollution.

This work focuses on the local school, where director Dr. Abera looks after the community providing help and school lessons to orphans kids and vulnerable persons, with finances from charitable donations.

I have taken these photos in 2018. Because of the ongoing war and living costs, I have learnt that the situation this year is worst.

Photos are published here with the permission from the community.

Awards 2021 – PX3 – Bronze medal (Book/people)
2021 – IPA – 3 Honorable Mentions (book, environmental and street photography)
2021 – IPA (ONESHOT) – Our Times – Honorable Mention (Lockdown life)
2020 – PX3 – Bronze medal (Street Photography)
2020 – PX3 – Honorable Mention (Press/General News)
2016 – IPA – 2 Honorable Mentions (editorial category)
2015 – IPA – Honorable Mentions (Deeper Perspective)