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Aftermath Hong Kong Protests

‘Aftermath Hong Kong Protests’ is about the consequences of the protests in Hong Kong at the end of 2019. By then, clashes between police and protesters had become more frequent and increasingly violent. In an effort to bring parts of the city to a halt, protesters took to forming makeshift roadblocks. The umbrella has been used to shield against the pepper spray and tear gas of the police, thus has become a political symbol of resistance. The clashes have left an open wound on the daily lives of Hong Kong’s citizens.

Dutch photographer Benny van der Plank frequently travels to Hong Kong to work on projects. His projects focus on social and sustainability issues in urban environments. He studied at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. He has been selected by GUP Magazine as a GUP New Dutch Photography Talent in 2022 and as a Fresh Eyes European Talent in 2021. He has won the ‘Future Challenge’ of the Berlin Photo Week 2021 and has been finalist of the Sarajevo Photography Award 2022. His work has been part of international group exhibitions.

Awards GUP New Dutch Photography Talent 2022
Finalist Sarajevo Photography Award 2022
GUP Fresh Eyes European Talent 2021
Winner 'Future' challenge SAP x Berlin Photo Week 2021