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Coral Reef Crusaders

On the tiny island of Rodrigues a brother and sister inspired an island to fight back against reef pollution. During the Covid epidemic the islanders that are highly dependent on tourism faced starvation when the nation went into a 2 year lockdown. Instead this duo rallied through Crowdfunding, paying a wage to all the islanders that helped to replant the devastated reef communities. Launching a school campaign to educate what is causing their reef damage, like sunblock and fishing. Environment crusaders who saved the reefs but the people that look now look at them in a whole new light.

Focused on the other side of life, where my camera can explore areas that i wouldn't normally have access to. I am drawn to intensely human stories, good or bad, in the places people have forgotten exist.

Awards 2022 Px3 Silver
2021 Curators Selection Prix de la Photoraphie Paris
2020 Tokyo International Photo Awards - Gold
2019 Moscow Foto Awards - Bronze
2018 & 2019 Curators Selection Prix de la Photoraphie Paris
Hasselblad Masters Pick
2018 Special Jury Selection "State of the World" PX3
2018 Tokyo International Photo Awards - Silver
2016 & 2017 Bronze at MPA
2 Published Books, Madagascar and Rodrigues Raw