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Vancouver, B.C. is considered an idyllic city, and in many ways it is. However, there is an underbelly to the scenic bliss that the city is known for. Rarely exposed to the world, this is an area in the downtown East Side, about 4 city blocks, that are ravaged with addiction, poverty and crime. The pandemic has worsened the situation for the people living on the streets. Fentanyl deaths have rivalled Covid in our city. The situation is dire and the health care system is overtaxed. There are many initiatives to help this community; providing housing and legalizing small amounts of drugs.

Dina Goldstein b.1969
Dina began her career over 25 years ago as a photojournalist, evolving from a documentary and editorial photographer into an independent artist focusing on large scale productions of nuanced photographic tableaux. Her work is highly conceptual and complex, incorporating cultural archetypes and iconography with narratives inspired by the subconscious and human condition.