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Perceived Realities: G-d, Guns & Trump

These photographs were taken primarily in rural, eastern North Carolina, & all are post-Jan. 6th, 2021. This Bible Belt community is heavily Republican. The overwhelming majority are kind, peace-loving individuals with the best of intentions. Not unlike Democrats & Independents, they believe their views are morally justified & grounded in sound logic. If all sides respectfully listen to the concerns & opinions of others with an open heart & compassion guided by wisdom, it can provide an opportunity to heal the divide. These images are intended to serve as a springboard for such conversations.

Jon Kolkin’s internationally recognized photography invites contemplative reflection on principles for infusing true happiness into a meaningful and balanced life. Including multiple private dialogues with the Dalai Lama and his representatives, Kolkin engages in numerous worldwide compassion-centered initiatives by integrating his artistic photography, his active concern for people’s well-being as a humanitarian, and his medical insights as a physician. He is also a widely respected speaker, mentor, and teacher.

Awards Book – Inner Harmony: Living in Balance (teNeues)
Tokyo International Foto Awards – Gold Medal
PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris – Gold Medal
International Photography Awards NYC – Silver Medal
PX3 – Inner Harmony – Gold Medal
Tokyo International Foto Awards – Inner Harmony – Silver Medal
Inner Harmony has received an additional 18 awards
Color Magazine – Equilibrium – Spotlight Award
HVO International Competition – Malawi – Gold and Bronze Medal
B&W Magazine – Inner Harmony – Portfolio Award
LensWork Magazine ¬¬– Inner Harmony: Part I – featured portfolio
LensWork Magazine – Inner Harmony: Part II – featured portfolio
LensWork Magazine – Feathers – featured portfolio
IASD International – Dreamscapes – featured portfolio
NC Literary Review – Equilibrium – featured portfolio
Camera Arts Magazine – Tidepool – featured portfolio
(A list of additional honors and awards is available upon request.)