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State of Cuba Cigar

Cuba is well known for its tobacco product, specially Cigar . Major growing areas are centered around Pinar del Rio province, in particular the town of Vinales. Cuba tobacco has a turbulent history. When Soviet Union collapsed and Cuba suffered during the so-called Special Period, tobacco farmers had to deal with shortages of fuel and fertilize. USA continue embargo and recently COVID pandemic also put heavy economic pressure on Cuba’s tobacco farmers. This series of photos is trying to paint the portraits the tobacco farmers and workers in the area surrounding Vinales.

Award-Winning Photographer. Retired Hi-High Executive. Kevin's photography art works have won multiple international photography awards. His works also have been published at National Geography Magazine; Spain National Geography, Nature's Best Magazine and other print and online magazines.

Awards 1st Place International Photo Award 2021
1st Place, Portrait, Xposure International Photography Award, 2020
2nd Place, Travel, MonoVision Award, 2020
Honorable Mention, Portrait, MonoVision Award, 2020
Honorable Mention, People, MonoVision Award, 2021
Top 20 Nature's Best National Park Competition, 2020
Finalist, People, 18th Smithsonian Photography Contest