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Dignity for Palestine

In the distance, like a giant serpent, the separation wall surrounds the valley and hills of Palestine.

Through the checkpoints and the separation wall which was first built on the 1967 border and constantly extended and to divide not only faith but dignity and humanity. The lives of Palestinians have been shattered by the enduring hardships under occupation. The physical, social, political, psychological and military barriers to trade and commerce severely limit economic growth and quality of daily life under the apartheid-like system of Israel's continuing occupation of Palestine territory

Sandra Chen Weinstein is a photographer, Ceramist, collector, and independent curator. Born in Taiwan, she has worked and lived in DC, Japan, China for American State Department, and traveled for photo assignments to many countries. Early in her photo career in 2009, she was chosen as the only American photographer among hundreds of applicants for Magnum Masterclasses in The Netherlands and in London, England. She worked as personal assistant for Eli Reed, master photographer of Magnum Photos during 2008-2009.

Awards Sandra’s photography has received many outstanding National and International Awards including Winner OpenWall Vol#4 British Journal of Photography. First Place Award, CENTER Director’s First Place Award. First Place for KLPA Portrait award, First Place for PX3 Sport, IPA Deepest Perspective award and other IPA awards. Her works has been exhibited in Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Fine Art Washington, Aperture Gallery, Annenberg Space of Photography, Florida Museum of Photographic Art, Griffin Museum of Photography, USC Pacific Museum, among many others. Her work has been featured in The European Photography Magazines, French Culture Papier, FOTOMagaines, Color, Black and White Magazines, etc. Her work is in several private collections.