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Impressing Invisible Girls

So I was on a self-funded photography trip in Ghana, skirting on the outsides of Accra in the area of Shiabu, where I found a narrow alleyway leading through wooden fishing shacks with the odd person sheltering from the midday heat, as it came to an end it opened to a beach that stretched kilometres into the distance on the left and the right, but it was empty except these young boys doing backflips off the high banked sandbanks onto the sand below.

Once boredom set in, it was time to migrant to the flat beach below and start practising for the 2028 Ghana gymnastics Olympic entry…

The End!

Rico is not your fine-art educated type; there's no waffle and no literary enigma machines like dictionaries or thesauruses required to decode him. Yes, he will drop the occasional f-bomb.

He is all visual, direct in speech, has a partial filter, and, if we're being honest, he is not keen on writing 'captions,' 'artist statements,' 'descriptions,' or 'bios.' These are the very things that tend to alienate many artists like himself, who aren’t silver-tongued wordsmiths with too much to say.

So, we will keep it short and sweet: Rico takes photos.

The End!