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"The desperate cries of the armed conflict victims

In Colombia there has been an armed conflict for sixty years; what is defined as “low intensity internal war” in the national borders has spread and it is still spreading terror through death, forced disappearences, attempts, blood and violence. The main characters are not just the revolutionary groups – FARC and ELN – and the paramilitaries, but the Colombian State plays a fundamental role, and with it the narcotraffic. Straight out of Nariño streets, the department that owns 40% of the government cocaine production, the desperate cries of the living, the dead and the disappeared are rising

Stefano Stranges is an Italian photographer.
His shots capture the harsh realities that oppress contemporary society, from exploitation to civil war, passing through the disasters caused by natural calamity and climate change.
He documented the exploitation linked to the production of technological tools, from Congo in the coltan mines to the immense E-Waste of Ghana.
He received several international awards for this job, which was also the subject of a talk at TEDx in 2019.
His reportages are published in newspapers and magazines and exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad

Awards -2022: TIFA (Tokyo International Foto Award) Silver prize in Editorial-Photo Essay Professional - The desperate cries of the armed conflict victims.

-2021: The Covid-19 visual Project - A time to distance - selected work "Born in Covid times" for Cortona on the Move with Intesa Sanpaolo partnership.

-2020: Px3 Paris Photo Award - State of the world 2020 Curatorial Selection Winner, with the reportage "The end of the exodus - Inferno Moria".

-2020: Selected for Fondazione per l'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT
"In Limbo", from the editorial project "Quell'anno in cui...".

-2019: IPA (International Photography Awards) Honorable Mention category Professional Editorial/Press, Environmental with "Drought in the rain season - A climate change issue" documentary photography for Terre Des Hommes Italia

-2019: Corinth Exposed Photography Festival 2019 (Greece) - Winner

-2018: TIFA 2017 (Tokyo International Foto Award) Silver prize in Editorial-Photo Essay Professional - "The victims of our wealth" DrCongo

-2018: Winner of the contest for the "Festival dei diritti Umani 2017"

-2017: IPOTY (International Photographer of the year) - Honorable Mention in Essay Photography/professional with the project "The victims of our wealth"

-2017: International Photography Grant 2016 - NOMINEE with "The two faces of rebellion - The Ukraine crisis 2014" (category Story)

-2017 TRECCANI AWARD - Premio TRECCANI web - Eccellenza del mese "The victims of our wealth"

-2016: SiFest Premio Pesaresi - Finalist project "The victims of our wealth" Dr Congo

-2015: The series "The two faces of rebellion-The Ukraine crisis 2014" has been shortlisted for the Athens Photo festival 2015.