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dog farm after wildfire

Volunteers joined to help dogs at an abandoned Korean dog farm after a forest fire

On this day, a volunteer hopes for a future
dog environment and nature
hope everyone recovers

He majored in photography at Kyungsung University and completed his master's course in photography at Hongik University.

She mainly works on the secret stories of modern people, and she had her first solo exhibition at the 'Creative Culture Space Inn'.

She worked as a photographer for many years in Gyeongsangbuk-do art village development and dispatch support for the Korean Artist Welfare Foundation.

She has participated in several exhibitions including DongGang International Photo Festival.

She and she lead the self-expression art group ‘Ja-Pyo Self-Self-Expressing Themselves’, and have o

Awards 2022 London Photography Award Gold
2018 Donggang International Photo Festival International Competition