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The invisible

This series is about homeless who continue to increase in large cities and who remain invisible. They live down town, public parcs, river banks, the edges of ring roads. They sleep in emergency homes, metro stations, halls of buildings, in tents or on the sideways.
This series is as much about the homeless themselves as it is about the way how they are ignored or misunderstood. They are no more the tramps of old times. They have become homeless by losing their job or because they do not earn enough money to be able to pay a rent.
Most of my photos were take in Paris.

I have been an author photographer since 2021, after having been an amateur photographer and collector of 19th century photos for a long time. I have thus published 2 art books on 19th century photography ("Shashin", Phébus edition, 2008 & "Sûra", Phébus edition, 2012).
As an author photographer I work in series with the intention of publishing books and exhibiting my work.

Awards PX3 2022 - State of the world - Official Selection
TIFA 2022 - Official Selection