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Until you walk a mile in my…

I am not great with words. I am a visual person and a straight shooter aka talker and not a fan of descriptions or bio's things that alienate many artists like me who aren't wordsmiths. So we will keep it short and sweet.

So I was on a self-funded photography trip in Ghana and was up to Kumasi with a friend who used to be in partnership with his college friend running a handmade shoe empire. Between the banter and the afrobeats playlist on full basalt, he asked if I wanted to pass by and see what the bespoke shoe trade of Ghana was all about, the “drip”, I said “hell yeah” and here we are!

Rico is a 1980’s first generation black Caribbean kid from South East London.

At two and a half years old, he said wanted to be a pilot.

Today he is a Pilot.

Rico has always loved photography and taking pictures.

Today Rico is a multi-award winning “self-proclaimed” everyday photographer.

Awards a few bits and pieces