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A Womans Place

London, England, UK, 2021. During the Covid pandemic, as restrictions were enforced and later relaxed, protests continued and I photographed hundreds on the city streets.

Factions from both the left and the right; Extinction Rebellion, Kill the Bill, Trans Rights, Black Lives Matter, Reclaim the Streets, Freedom and Anti vax rally's exercised the right to protest against an increasingly draconian government.

What I noticed was that at the heart of the protest were women, taking a stand and using their voice in dissent, as the Suffragettes did to gain votes for women many years before.

Denise Laura Baker is a documentary, street and portrait photographer. Her work draws on influences from her eclectic career, notably her time as an ethnographic psychologist where she conducted interviews, observations and collected stories. Denise continues to collect and tell visual stories though her photography, matching them with recorded or written narrative.

Much of Denise's work is driven by her passionate commitment to contemporary environmental and political issues, but also seeking out hidden truths, underlying secrets, or capturing the mundane reality of everyday life.

Awards PX3 2020 Honourable Mention

State of the World 2021 Winner