Curator Selection / 2022 / /

Londons - The Polycentric City

Shot by eight photographers (Luca Piffaretti, Francesco Russo, Polly Tootal, Henry Woide, Sue Barr, Caroline Charrel, Andrew Meredith and Simon Kennedy) "Londons" maps out the landscape of the capital from eight different perspectives, rejecting a single, monolithic view in favour of a fragmentary, multifarious mosaic. These areas aren’t famous or glamorous, but they’re key to understanding the city. London’s urban sprawl expresses the city's contemporary identity, including its constant evolution; as such, it holds clues to its future.

Mass is Luca Piffaretti, Francesco Russo and Henry Woide and many other photographers that regularly connect and contribute to the initiatives of the Collective.

We are dedicated to documenting the built environment in all its forms and the constructed landscape that is constantly shaped by the human activities.

We are a tight and friendly team whose goal is to support experienced and upcoming photographers from our community through the promotion of their personal work.