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Homeless on the Brink

In Sacramento the homeless death rate surpassed last year. California continues to lead the nation with the highest share of homeless residents who are unsheltered at 70%. That category includes those who lived on sidewalks, in tent encampments, abandoned buildings, in cars or anywhere else outdoors.
The rest are considered sheltered but without permanent housing, meaning they are staying in emergency shelters, transitional housing programs or safe havens.
The average apartment rent in the Sacramento region is now $1,760 a month — higher than Washington, DC, New York City and Seattle.

Pulitzer Prize winning American photojournalist Renée C. Byer has traveled the world to translate stark statistics into images that connect to our humanity. Her work is honored in many international contests including The Pulitzer, Pictures of The Year International, and The National Press Photographer’s Association. She has judged some of the most important international photography contests including Days Japan International Photojournalism Awards ten times. Her internationally acclaimed book, "Living on a Dollar a Day: The Lives and Faces of the World's Poor," was published in 2014.

Awards A selection:
2021 NPPA Best of Photojournalism, Feature photo, “Homeless Struggle,” Award of Excellence
2020 Siena International Awards "Poverty USA," HM
2019 Communication Arts Award, “Paradise Lost”
2016-2017 Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Achievement as Field Producer/Photojournalist, “No Safe Place” from The National Academy of Television and Arts&Sciences San Francisco Northern California Chapter
2017 The White House News Photographers Association Multimedia documentary award in the annual ‘Eyes of History’ competition, "No Safe Place." 1st Place"
2018-2019 Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Achievement Documentary-Topical as Videographer, “When Paradise Became Hell"
2016 EPPY for Best Photojournalism
2016 Inland Press Association, 1st Place News Picture Photography, "No Safe Place."
2016 Inland Press Association, 1st Place Creative Use of Multimedia, "No Safe Place"
2016 SPJNORCAL, 1st Place Community Journalism (Print/Online), "No Safe Place"
2016 SPJNORCAL, 1st Place Photojournalism (Photo Essay), "No Safe Place"
2015 Best of Photojournalism, Nature and Environmental Picture Story, National Press Photographers Association, First Place
2015 World Understanding Award, Pictures of the Year International, Finalist
2015 Scripps Howard Photojournalism Award, Finalist
2015 LensCulture Earth Awards, Documentary Series on electronic waste, Second Place
2013 Pulitzer Prize, Feature Photography, The Sacramento Bee, Finalist
2007 Pulitzer Prize, Feature Photography, “A Mother’s Journey,” The Sacramento Bee, Winner
2007 World Understanding Award, Pictures of the Year International, Winner
2007 Multimedia Feature Picture Story, Pictures of the Year International
2007 Days Japan International Photojournalism Award, Second Place
2007 Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism, Winner
2007 Photo of the Year Award, The United Nations Children Emergency Fund, Honorable Mention
2007 Award of Excellence, Feature Photography, Pictures of the Year International