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Yoga and sport to keep from going mad in Greece

In Athens and on the Island of Lesbos hundreds of refugees, mostly Afghans, are part of Yoga and Sport with refugees. The Association has a gym and offers training in 25 different sports disciplines.The instructors and athletes themselves are migrants and refugees.The idea came between 2017/18 from Estelle, a French athlete. Training takes place in gyms, but also in the squares and parks of Athens, or in the streets of Lesbos. The projects have involved thousands of people over the last three years, with the aim of breaking social isolation and overcome traumatic experiences.

Giacomo Sini born in Pisa, (Italy) in 1989. In 2014 he obtained a degree in social sciences at Pisa University. Passionate about the Middle East and Central Asia, has photographed many times the realities of conflict in Syria, Lebanon and Kurdistan. He is interested mostly in refugee’s stories from conflict and post conflict areas and cultural reports. Today is livining in Livorno, (Italy). His works have been published in Vice, El Pais, Stern, L'Express, Humanité Dimanche, Internazionale,NZZ, Repubblica, Al Jazeera, The Guardian.

Awards - In 2015 Giacomo has taken part on the master in Photojournalism at "Officine Fotografiche Roma". Here he was chosen to expose his reportage about Kurds at the nation exhibition of Fotoleggendo 2015.
- On October 2015 he won the first prize at "Moscow Internation Photo Award" for the category "War/Editorial/conflict".
- On January 2016 was one of the finlist of "One Eye Land Award".
- On February 2016 He recived an honorable mention at the International Photo Awards.
- On July 2016 was a finalist for the "Siena International Photo Awards".
- On October 2016 he receives two nominees for the "2016 Photography Grant"
- On November 2016 he received a Bronze Star Award for the professionists' category "Editorial: general news" at the "Nd Awards"
- On December 2016 he was second in the category "Photojournalism-Story" at the "International Photographer Of The Year Awards"
- On February 2017 he was third for the professional's category "Story" at FIIPA "Fiof Italy International Photo Awards"
- On June 2017 he won the first prize for the category War/Press and thirz prize for the category Feature/Press at "Px3 Prix de la photographie Paris"
- - 2017 Shortlisted at the Lucie Grants Award
- 2017 Finalist at Celeste Prize 2017
- 2017 Honorable mention at ND Awards
- 2017 Bronze “Chromatic International Awards”
- 2017 Honorable Mention “Chromatic International Awards”
- 2017 Shortlisted for the Biennal Grant
- 2018 Finalist at Biennal Grant
- 2018 Finalist for the Category Editorial – “War/Conflict” and Finalist for the “Category – Photo-essay/Feature Story” at One Eyeland
- 2018 Honarable Mention “International Photographer of The Year”
- 2018 Honorable Mention for the category “Editorial/Current Affairs” at “Pollux Awards”
- 2018 Honorable Mention for the category “Documentary & Reportage” at “Pollux Awards”
- 2018 Finalist at “Siena International Photography Awards”
- 2018 Honorable Mention “Tokyo International Photo Awards” for the category “Editorial”
- 2019 FAPA nom.