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Armenia | tradition, grief and joy

  • Photographer
    Thomas Estermann
  • Credit
    Thomas Estermann

Armenia is a country in the Caucasus rooted in Christian religion and traditions. 2020 saw the resurgence of a long dispute with Azerbaijan over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. During the war in autumn more than 6000 people died. Many people lost their homes and families, like the refugee who is telling his story at Khor Virap, or the father who lights a candle in Geghard monastery for his dead child. At the same time life goes on at religious festivities bringing together family or at school trips or bible studies. It's an uncertain future for the youth raised with these cultures.

Very early I discovered travelling as a way of approaching the mysteries of the world and I started to explore photography as a means of looking at people, surroundings, moments and emotions during these travels.
Working for a European organisation has taken me in the past decade to all corners of the world. Meeting people and discovering how they experience themselves in this environment has been a great inspiration. In recent years, I have been increasingly exploring more abstract photo projects.

Awards - ipa 2018, 2019
- Budapest photo awards 2019, 2020
- Tokyo photo awards 2019, 2020
- BBA gallery Berlin 2018
- Paris Photo prize 2019, 2021
- Wiels, Brussels #city Renaissance 2018