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The things we cannot see

  • Company
    Dorrie McVeigh Photography
  • Photographer
    Dorrie McVeigh
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This is an ongoing series of conceptual photography work that is my visual response to today's world. I experiment with dropping paint into water and capturing the paint takes as it balloons under water, sometimes dropping objects into the water and photographing them as they fall. I then use these photographs to create collages with old family photographs and travel photos from trips made pre Covid-19 replacing normal skies with these menacing and yet beautiful atomic bombs of colour that silently invade the horizon, seemingly unseen by the every day people.

Dorrie McVeigh is a British Portrait, Fashion and Fine Art Photographer.
Mcveigh was born in New York and after her parents emigrated to the UK, she grew up in London and now lives and works in Marseille in Southern France.

My photography has always been a means for me to forage into my unconscious and reveal the world as I see it. Whilst I am drawn to the iconography and sheen of modern life, what really interests me is to strip this back to reveal the fragile, quiet and some times empty spaces that lie beneath.

Awards Mcveigh has had several international solo shows and her latest series “Nowhere but Now” have been selected for the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2017 Competition Gallery. In 2018 she will be exhibiting her series "On the Beach at Fontana" that connects poetry with photography, at the Dou Bochi Gallery as part of the Voie Off Festival during Les Rencontres d'Arles.