Curator Selection / 2021 / /

the melodies of life

  • Photographer
    Margrieta Jeltema
  • Credit
    Margrieta Jeltema

The bittersweet songs, the joys that lie in small things, the work of our hands... They are the reflections of what we are....

She was born under Northern skies, in the Netherlands. She has lived and worked in the Netherlands, Italy, Algeria, the Caribbean, Chile, Portugal and Romania.
During her biology studies with a major in philosophy at Wageningen (the Netherlands), Margrieta started with a variety of studies in bronze casting, painting, etching and ceramics. Her work embraces poetry, sculpture, but her main creative outlet is photography. She only recently started to exhibit her photographs that until then had remained mainly in boxes or at the walls of her home.
During the last years she has received a number of awards, nominations and publications in the International Photographic Awards (IPA fine art, nature, deeper perspective and portraiture awards), Px3, Black and White Spider Awards, International Color Awards, International Aperture Awards, WPGA awards, Shotz Magazine, Seities publications, Gammelgaard Monochrome, Prix de la Découverte, Curated Exhibition Lensculture Network. Parts of her series "My Heart of Glass" and "The Shaded Gardens of Bucharest" were published in Dodho magazine. Many of her photographs took part in international exhibitions. Her Street and Fine Art Photography (as well as her albumenprints) has been published several times in the Black & White Photography Magazine.

Upcoming exhibitions: Cipfestival 28 august- 5 September Chania, Crete, (Greece),
5th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, October 4-21 Barcelona ( Spain).

Currently she lives with her family in Italy.