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House of salt

“El Sod“ is a beautiful village in southern Ethiopia, on the edge of an extinct volcano 1.8 km wide. Inside the crater there is a salt lake. For centuries, and still today, men have dived into the lake to collect and sell salt.
Miners dive naked or wearing only briefs because the lake water is so dangerous and corrosive that it destroys everything. They use a stick to break the bottom of the lake, dive in and collect the black mud filled with salt and bring it back to the shore.
They take 30 minutes to go down, 1 hour to collect the salt and another hour to go up again with the loaded donkeys

My passion for tribal people has allowed me to visit several states in India, Asia and Africa to take photo-reportage such as those on the last tattooed women, both Indian and Burmese and ethiopian tribes. Reportage, however, is not the only photographic genre that excites me but I am generally attracted to everything that strikes me from a photographic point of view.
I teach photography and I am the author of two illustrated books.
My photos have been exhibited in various exhibitions receiving prizes and awards.

Awards Local prizes and award in Italy.
Finalist at SIPA Award 2020.
Bronze medal at Prix de la photographie Paris 2020, in the Portraiture category.
Finalist at Urban Photo Awards 2020
Atlas of humanity contributor.