Curator Selection / 2021 / /

Domestic Disorder

  • Company
    Plymouth College of Art
  • Photographer
    Kathryn Jago
  • Credit
    Kathryn Jago

Domestic Disorder considers the chaos and congestion of clutter within the domestic setting. This is a personal journey, questioning my relationship with possessions, through a process of personal interaction and analysis of accompanying feelings and emotions. In effect, my photographic practice becomes personal therapy. It documents my ongoing journey from a place of disorder, where clutter and possessions overwhelm me. Resolving past issues and improving my relationship with personal possessions, I strive to achieve a more streamlined life, reducing stress.

Kathryn is a photographer/visual artist from Plymouth, UK. Since rediscovering photography during a period of ill health it became her passion and therapy. Photography, now transformative, led her on a journey of self-discovery achieving BA Honours and Master’s degrees in the subject. Kathryn’s masters study provided opportunities to push the boundaries of her practice taking her work in new and exciting directions. Now autoethnographic and cathartic, her work combines personal performance with humour to explore personal history, female identity through domestic experience.

Awards 2021/22 Fine Art Photography Awards – Domestic Disorder (Series) 2nd Place (Open theme)
2021 ND Awards – Domestic Disorder (Series) (People, Self Portrait) Honourable Mention
2021 PX3 The State of This World – Domestic Disorder (Series) Shortlisted
2019 15th Pollox Awards – Feelings of Detachment (Single) (Open Theme) Honourable Mention
2020 ND Awards – Ephemeral Beauty (Series)(Nature/Flowers) Honourable Mention
2020 IPA – Beauty and Decay (Professional)(Single) (Fine Art/Still Life) Honourable Mention
2019/20 FAPA – Ephemeral Beauty (Open Theme) Nominee
2019 IPA – Ephemeral Beauty (Professional)(Single) (Fine Art/Still Life) Honourable Mention
2019 IPA – Ephemeral Beauty Day 35 (Professional)(Single) (Fine Art/Still Life) Honourable Mention
2018 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards – Ephemeral Beauty (Fine Art/Still Life) Honourable Mention