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The Frozen Ob Highway

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    dean yeadon
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    dean yeadon

In the far, far north of Russia, the country’s largest and greatest river south of the North Sea is born. The mighty OB. Deep inside the Arctic Circle, the Nenets nation of the Yamal-Peninsula survive temperature extremes and one of the most inhospitable environments on earth. During winter the river becomes a frozen highway in the wild, wild north, bringing fuel and DVDs, pampers and visitors from the towns to the west and east, and everything else in between. A road where whole families disappear when the ice cracks. Without warning.

Focused on the other side of life, where my camera can explore areas that i wouldn't normally have access to. I am drawn to intensely human stories, good or bad, in the places people have forgotten exist.

Awards 2019 Moscow Foto Awards - Bronze
2018 & 2019 Curators Selection Prix de la Photoraphie Paris
Hasselblad Masters Pick
2018 Special Jury Selection "State of the World" PX3
2018 Silver Tokyo
2016 & 2017 Bronze at MPA
2 Published Books, Madagascar and Rodrigues Raw