Curator Selection / 2021 / /

The Act of Defecating

  • Photographer
    Silvia Alessi

Through this series I don't intend to show meanings, but simply to reveal my mind, its thoughts. The act of defecating is as taboo as death in our society. We kept feces at home and then threw them out the window, the same way our loved ones died in the house. Now the dead and feces disappear immediately. Yet there are. Cities float on a large, branched and invisible sewer system. Death permeates our life, even if it is not part of our daily experience.

Silvia Alessi was born in Bergamo, Italy in 1975. Silvia has worked as a hairstylist and make up artist since she was 17. In 2004, while on a trip to Asia, Silvia discovered an interest in reportage photography. She has since travelled extensively pursuing her passion for photography and “telling stories worthy of being told.” Silvia’s process is a blend of artistic expression and reportage, inspired by her openness to diverse cultures and traditions. Blending this openness with curiosity and artistic expression has allowed Silvia to produce award winning photography.

Awards 2017 – IPA Los Angeles – honourable mention
2018 – IPA one shot Los Angeles – honourable mention
2018 – Vite in Viaggio Verona – Premio speciale TCI
2018 – PX3 Paris – gold Press/Travel/Tourism, silver Portraiture, bronze Press
2018 – IPA Los Angeles – 4 honourable mentions
2018 – AAP San Francisco – Particular Merit Mention
2018 – MIFA Moscow – gold People/Family, silver People
2018 – SIPA Siena – remarkable artwork
2018 – TIFA Tokyo – silver People/Family
2019 – MIFA Moscow – 3 honourable mentions
2019 – PX3 Paris – bronze Press/Feature story
2019 – TIFA Tokyo – silver Editorial/Conflict, bronze Editorial/Conflict, bronze Editorial/Photo Essay
2020 – This is Gender London – second place
2020 – MIFA Moscow – gold Book/Peolpe, silver People/Self Portrait
2020 – PX3 Paris – Silver Book/Other
2020 – State of the World, Paris – Curator Selection
2020 – Siena Awards – Category Winner