Curator Selection / 2021 / /

Before & After Logging of Ancient Giants

  • Photographer
    TJ Watt

This is not a photo series I’d ever hoped to complete. To be viewed as diptychs, these before & after images feature giant, old-growth redcedar trees cut down in the Caycuse Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. In spring 2020, I explored and photographed this amazing grove, which, tragically, was only days away from being cut down. Brokenhearted, I returned again in the fall and photographed the stumps of those same ancient trees. Old-growth forests play a critical role in fighting climate change & provide habitat for endangered species. We must ensure their protection before it's too late.

TJ Watt is an award-winning nature and conservation photographer from Victoria, British Columbia. Combining his passion for rainforest conservation with professional photography, TJ sheds light on BC’s endangered old-growth forests in an effort to help see them saved.