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The End of Fancy Shopping

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    Vytenis Jankunas
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My project is a visual story of "The End of Fancy Shopping," as I call it. Due to NYC lock-down a most stores closed, or went out of business. I focused on fashion industry meltdown during the quarantine. Most of the boutiques removed their products and left stores empty with the lights on, thus creating this new appearance of the clean geometry of empty shelves and total abandonment at the same time. Nobody knew what's next... And next was a public unrest, protest marches and looting due to the racial tensions after police in Minneapolis savagely killed George Floyd.

Awards 2000 – Fellowship award in the category of Painting from the New York Foundation of the Arts (Gregory Millard Fellowship), New York, NY (USA).
1995 – The Annual State Grant for young Artists, Vilnius (Lithuania).
1995 – Fellowship in the Nordic Arts Centre, Helsinki (Finland).
1994 – Grant of the Nordic Information Office, Vilnius (Lithuania).
1994 – Grant of the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts, Vilnius (Lithuania).