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Living History

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    Ruben Hamelink
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    Ruben Hamelink Photography
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How do we deal with our dark past? Who decides what our national history is? To whom do we listen, and to whom do we not? They are questions many countries are struggling with today.

Living History shows how different groups of Americans, each armed with their own version of the past, deal with the history of the American Civil War and the legacy of slavery through re-enactment.

Ruben Hamelink (1992) is a self-taught photographer from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His work focusses on the interaction between historical narratives and contemporary identity.

In 2014 Ruben published 'Vietnamese Veterans', about the men and women who defended their country in four different wars. In 2017 he completed 'The Free Runners of Gaza’. A series about a group of teenagers in Gaza that practices parkour in the ruins of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Currently, Ruben is working on 'Living History', a project about how different groups of Americans interact with Civil War history.

Awards Living History
1ste prize Zilveren Camera Documentary International Series

The Free Runners of Gaza
Winner Single Photo Prize, Celeste Visible White ‘In Conflict’
Finalist Siena International Photography Awards