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Light. Ash. White

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  • Photographer
    Evan Hancock
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    Evan Hancock

Light.Ash.White is a black and white photographic narrative that captures the partial re-birthing amongst a landscape that still holds on to hectares of remnant white carcasses. The series marks the 10 year anniversary of Black Saturday in Victoria that occurred from 7th February to 14th March 2009.

Evan Hancock is a Artist, Photographer and Creative Director with professional experience in motion graphic design on small and large format projects across Australia and internationally. His exposure to commercial formats reveals his innovative capacity to integrate screen, interactive and experiential within advertising and it is with this experience that has allowed Evan to transfer and articulate his storytelling qualities onto the medium of photography for commercial, documentation and fine art means working under his company Fm+1.

Awards 2019 November - Life Framer. Artist profile published in ‘The Collection’ curated by the Life Framer editors.

2019 October - Life Framer 2019/2020. First place winner ‘THE FACE OF THE EARTH’ adjudicated by Nick Brandt Photographer.