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62 Days in Isolation

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    Sigrid Debusschere
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    Sigrid Debusschere
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Since the first day of the lockdown - due to the Covid-19 pandemic - I started photographing my daughters around the house. From March 18 until May 18, 2020, I captured their daily routines. For my daughters, like for many young people, social contact with their peers is very important at their age. The restriction on seeing friends was very difficult for both of them. Schools and universities were closed. My eldest daughter missed studying in the library. My youngest daughter spent a lot of time on her mobile phone. They often felt bored or lonely ...

Sigrid Debusschere was born in Ghent and lives near Brussels, Belgium.
After university and a career in marketing, she left the corporate world in 2010 to follow photography and graphic design at the art academy. Sigrid enjoys the freedom of wandering in the streets, but also likes to document daily life.
She started making street portrait series in black and white and in 2015 she had a successful solo exhibition of ‘Street Portraits’ in Belgium.
In 2018-2019 she documented the daily life in small circuses in Belgium and with this won First Price at the Maastricht Photo Festival in 2019.

Awards Finalist, ICP, International Center of Photography, Exhibition on COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, NYC, date TBD 2020
Finalist, Expo Women Street Photographers, FIAP BIENNALE, Russia State Historical Museum, 08/2020
Finalist, Void Exhibition, Lost in Isolation, 06/2020
Winner, World on Focus, Eurochannel, Paris, 05/2020
Finalist, Documentary Family Awards, 05/2020
Finalist, Expo Inside, Breedbeeld, Antwerp, 05/2020
Finalist, Expo Women in Street, Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, 05/2020
TV interview BX1, Autrement, Brussels, 7/01/2020
Finalist, Expo Women Street Photographers, Artspace PS109, NYC, 12/2019-01/2020
Finalist, Expo No More My Space, Maison des Cultures Molenbeek, Brussels, 10/2019
First Prize Maastricht Photo Festival, The Netherlands, 09/2019
Honorable Mention, Women Street Photographers, 09/2019
Finalist, Expo Out of office, Breedbeeld, Antwerp, 08-09/2019
Finalist, Recyclart Contest Nightshift, Brussels, 03/2019
Winner, Photo of the Month, Optic Nerve Collective, 12/2018
Finalist, Expo True Colors, Maison des Cultures Molenbeek, Brussels, 10/2018
Finalist, Brussels in Motion Contest, Brussels, 09/2018
Finalist, Street Hunters Street Photography Contest, 05/2018 and 12/2017
Public Prize, Brussels Street Photography Festival, 10/2017
Second Place Social Media Award, Brussels Street Photography Festival, 10/2017
Winner, Photo Marathon, Car Free Sunday, Brussels, 10/2017