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Those who are the COVID-19 Left behind

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    Denis Palanque Photography
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    Denis Palanque
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    Denis Palanque

For several months now History has been facing a pandemic. But on the sidelines of this history with a capital “H” there are also other stories to tell. Like here, in this Care and Rehabilitation Center where these patients like no other being afflicted by other pathologies called co-morbidities, cannot be candidates to integrate an intensive care unit in the event of COVID-19 acute symptoms development. Already overloaded these units will be allocated to younger and healthier people with better chances of recovery. Elderly patients are still the medical system's left behind.

I am a professional French wildlife and conservation photographer working on environmental and scientific projects, conference speaker and photo teacher.
I collaborate with magazines and my images are distributed by several agencies around the world. I also work for museums, international research and conservation organizations and for more than 10 years I have created and accompanied workshops, trainings and worldwide photographic trips.
I am Associate Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) and Ambassador of the Cokin brand of photographic filters.

Awards 2020
- Honorable mention winner – Prix de la Photographie – PX3 - Landscape categary

- « Coup de Cœur » prize of the jury – International wildlife and nature photography festival of Montier en Der - France
- Third prize category "Bird in its environment" - Festival de l'Oiseau et de la nature, Baie de Somme, France
- Second prize categorie "Endangered bird" - Festival de l'Oiseau et de la nature, Baie de Somme, France
- Hightly commented Sony Word photography awards 2018 - Wildlife categary

- Second prize category "Human and Nature" - Karoo Predator Project - International Nature Images Awards
- Winner IUCN Grant - Karoo Predator Project - International Nature Images Awards
- Finalist Award winning - category "Human and Nature" - Karoo Predator Project - Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition, California USA

- Honorable mention award in the International Photography Contest Big Picture. Category: Conservation Imagery.
Exhibition August 1 to November 2, 2014 BigPicture museum exhibition at the California Academy of Sciences – USA
- Finalist, primed and exhibit at "Festival Nature et Forêt de Namur Libramont" - Belgium - April 2014.

- Highly commented Vegetal Word Image award in the International Photography Contest to Mountain and Nature "Memorial Maria Luisa", in the category "Plant World". Another picture came finalist in the category "Natural Landscape" – Spain

Winner for Best story - award (pictures and writing) in the" International Editions" category award of the National Geographic magazine (National Geographic Society Washington). Story "At the stalking of chytrid" – writing by Celine Lison