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Mmmmy corona

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    David Legreve
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    David Legreve

We all were very much affected by the pandemic that hit our civilisation. In my pictures I show how the threat of the corona virus changed my view on every day life in and around Mechelen, Belgium. The photographs are never too explicit. They leave room for interpretation, welcoming beauty and surprise, sadness with a smile.

David Legrève (°1978) obtained a master degree in photography at the KASK Ghent in 2002. He has a been professional photographer since then, working for a local newspaper, publishing in magazines and national papers, covering events, making portraits and reportages.

His art work feeds on daydreaming. His pictures intend to make the viewer fantasize, imagine and dream through artificial content.

Awards 3rd prize in SABAM' Contest for the Best Humorisitic Press Photo in 2006
Nominee of the Nikon Photo Press Award in 2018