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Christians in China

  • Photographer
    Jimmy Lam
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Each week, at least 100,000 Christians come together to pray in the official Catholic and Protestant Churches in China. Christianity is fast growing in China. Though often portrayed wrongly as an oppressed people, the reality is that Christians all over China are freely practising their faith in earnest. I have visited many churches throughout China over a five year period, and have documented the faith there, perhaps, one of the most dynamic in the world today. People pray, read the bibles, carry out social work to benefit society, go on pilgrimages, and observe their rites and feasts.

Jimmy Lam studied at the International Center of Photography. He specialised in documenting the cultural and social aspect of Asia. He travels throughout Asia to preserve its people and culture through photography. He has books published: Greater Tibet; Faraway Faces - the vanishing world of southwest China; and Lives in the balance -street people of Asia; and Treasures of Indochina. His work can be found at Redux Pictures.

Awards International Photo Awards, Best of Show, PX3, Critical Mass Top 50, US' Independent Book Publishers Outstanding Book of the Year, American Photography.