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Working for Sticks

  • Photographer
    Frank Lynch
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  • Credit
    Frank Lynch

As we stay at home on Covid-19 lockdown, it is easy to slide into self-pity. It is also easy to forget that there are people in this world who do not live in privileged European bubbles. The labourers in Yangon Port have to lug 50 kilo sacks of rice in sweltering heat from boats to trucks to make ends meet. For every sack carried they receive tally sticks for which their reward is a few Kyat. The lockdowns in Burma deprive millions of their livelihoods. Hardest hit are those who survive just above the poverty line. For them, hunger and poverty will not vanish after the lockdowns are lifted.

Frank Lynch is from Dublin, Ireland and is currently living in Brig, Switzerland. He works in graphic design and takes photographs as a counter-balance to the stresses of the graphics business.

Frank is a non-professional photographer.

Awards WINNER State of the World 2019

BRONZE – PX3, Portraits, 2018

Honourable Mention – PX3, Fine Art, 2018

GOLD, WINNER OF PX3 – Prix de la Photographie Paris, RED, 2016

SILVER, PX3 – Prix de la Photographie Paris, Nature/Water, 2016

1st: Public Choice – PX3 Paris, Portrait Culture, 2016

9 Honourable Mentions, PX3 – Prix de la Photographie Paris, 2016