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My Quarantine in Bergamo

  • Photographer
    Silvia Alessi
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I'm Silvia, 44, I live in Bergamo, one of the most affected city in the world by the Coronavirus epidemic. I own a hairdressing salon, since 8 March 2020 (the lockdown day in Italy) I had to close my business for the first time in my life. We all barricaded ourselves at home overnight, while people were dying in hospitals. The uncertainty about tomorrow, the fear about today, the surreal situation: locked at home alone, I wanted to document all these new feelings through photos. These shots show all my feelings: loneliness, weakness, uncertainty, anxiety.

I'm a hair stylist, I run a salon near Milan in Italy. I love to travel and to take photos. Since 2004 I travel all around the world. My last experience were among Korowai tribe in Papua, and among kyrgyz nomads in Afghanistan. This year I developed the Skin Project, a storytelling of the Skin in India, among Acid Attacked women, albino people, and families hit by so called second poisoning of Bhopal.