Curator Selection / 2020 / /


  • Photographer
    Filippo Esmaily
  • Image Location

This project captures the emotions caused by the anomaly widely known as COVID19 and the resulting quarantine. It further provides a glimpse into the life of the creator, resulting in a story that is both reportage and introspection that come together in a series of metaphorical and evocative images.

I studied arts at the High school Liceo Artistico Francesco Arcangeli, I went to a theatre school and after got a degree in Cinema and visuals arts at Bologna university where I met photography, making it my field from that moment onwards. I have lived in different European countries during the last years working as Photographer in different fields. This allow myself met people who thoroughly influenced my path. I developed my style immersing myself in various realities for which I have been surrounded. Currently I analyse the contemporary world trying to bring which is my vision, my debate.