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Fight for the God of War

This is the Story from the Tenganan Village at Bali. The makare-kare or pandan fight to honour the god of war "Indra". They use a 20-30cm leaf from the pandanus as a "Sword". It is an old tradition and is a part of full moon ceremony. Many celebrations and ceremonies are around the day of the fight and the days before and after. It was a great time to stay at tenganan with very friendly villagers and pleasant encounters.

My name is Michael Paramonti, born 1971 in Germany. I am originally from North-Rhine-Westphalia and since 2016 I live in the South East in the Black Forest. I find my favorite motives and themes when travelling to different locations in the world and capturing various unique landscapes.
Along the way I always pay the most respect to he people and the nature and give it all the time that is needed.

Awards 2020 Sony World Photography Awards shortlisted in Travel
2019 Goldmedal Trierenberg Super Circuit