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The Story Of Zeynep

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    F. Dilek Uyar
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Ten days after the birth of her daughter,Zeynep was diagnosed with breast cancer.When we met for a study about cancer patients,she'd had her disease for 1,5 years and it had spread to other organs.She was full of life.She was suffering a lot,but she wanted to live for her daughter and was fighting for her with all her strength.She met painting during chemotherapy. it would say that the long hours were bearable with the picture. We lost her with sudden brain metastasis.Everything she had planned was incomplete,like the painting he started to make.
With this project,I try keep my promise to her.

I'm from Turkey. I am a Self employed lawyer, have 2 wonderful children a prince and a princes. I have been taking photos since June 2010. Taking photos makes me happy. To meet with new people, see new places and show them to the others from my point of view makes me happy. Taking photo is just like a taking breath in the hectic routine of daily life. Just like a therapy.

For 2 years I have been working on a project that will raise awareness in the community about cancer patients despite all their economic and psychological difficulties. And a contributer photographer for National Geographic

Awards Some of the Awards that I won in last 3 years:

*2016 Sony Word Photography Awards, Commended Photographer and 2nd place in National Category

*2017 National Geographic Travel Photographer of Year, People Category Winner

*2018 Travel Photographer Society,Black And White Category Winner
*2018 1x International Photo Awards,Documentary Category Winner
*2018 IPA Event Photographer of Year
*2018 IPA Winner Event-Traditions and Cultures

*2019 SIPA 3rd place winner İn Journeys&Adventures
*2019 PX3 Gold Award
*2109 PX Bronze Award

*2020 Sony Word Photography Awards National Award Winner
*2020 Best Covid Photographer in35Awards
*2020 Best Covid Photo in35 Awards
*2020 MIFA Winner Advertising-Travel
*2020 MIFA 2nd place in Advertising Category

My works exhibited on many international platforms.