Curator Selection / 2020 / /

Invisible Faces of Malaria

  • Photographer
    Pearl Gan
  • Image Location
    Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan
  • Credit
    pearl gan

The photos submitted here are a collection of my work with Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam . They featured my work on malaria in Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

My work aimed to creating awareness of malaria which is important for the elimination of the disease. Public Engagement is important to bring awareness of our work and I hope my work will be a bridge between science and art and bridging cultures and perceptions of diseases in Asia Pacific.

My name is Pearl Gan.

I am a photographer based in Singapore. Over the years, I have been volunteering in medical projects on infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and dengue with the non-profit organisations.

My passion is to help the less advantages people and assist in highlighting infectious diseases in the impoverished and less advantaged communities. Using photography as a medium, I hope that my work provides the bridge between science and art ; bridging cultures and communities.

Awards 2019 - 3 Winning Images in The Lancet Highlights Competition, UK

2019 - Winner of Photography Award, UK
International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics: FIGO

2019 - Winner of ISNTD Festival Award, UK