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Portrait of Hong Kong: A Search for Identity

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    Hong Kong
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What is Hong Kong and what's it mean to be a Hong Konger? By photographing a cross section of society and combining participants text with their portraits I contribute to that subject. However once the mass movement for human rights began in June it began to feel urgent, like a memorial to Hong Kong and her people as our culture and home is smothered under the heavy hand of authoritarian rule. It will be permanently altered. What will replace it, no one knows. When I’m photographing activists I’m quietly worrying what will happen to them? I hope these pictures serve as a record of who they are

Todd R. Darling is an American photographer who grew up in New Jersey. Currently he resides in Hong Kong documenting the human rights movement there and studying for his BFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Arts and Design. His work on Paterson was recognized with the 2017 British journal of Photography breakthrough award, PDN 8th annual exposure award, and it was the subject of a PBS documentary on the program, State of the Arts. 

Awards Grants & Awards: 2019 Winner - LensCulture Street Photography Awards, 2018 PDN 8th annual exposure award, 2017 ICP Rita K. Hillman award for excellence, 2017 British Journal of Photography breakthrough award, 2017 ICP Documentary art fellowship