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Bug Out Bag: The Commodification of American Fear

  • Photographer
    Allison Stewart
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    Allison Stewart Photography
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Bug Out Bags are manifestations of American fear. They contain all you need to sustain life for 72 hours, or to possibly begin a new civilization. Preppers are mostly community minded but many are fiercely independent. Independence is fundamental to American philosophy. The self reliant man is praised, credited for the shining city upon the hill. But the 21st Century self-reliant American no longer experiences transcendence in nature. Instead, they escape to nature in an effort to hoard and protect property. Living off-grid has become a capitalist enterprise, banking on American fears.

Allison Stewart is an American artist currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Allison travels the United States exploring the construction of American identity through its relics, rituals, and mythologies. She received her MFA in Photography from California State University Long Beach and her BFA in Painting with a minor in Art History from the University of Houston. Her work has been published and exhibited internationally

Awards LACP Photo Book Exhibition, Jurors Prize
Center for Cultural Innovation Grant
The Texas Photographic Society Member Exhibition, Honorable Mention
Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Award
Review Santa Fe, CENTER
HCP Fellowship, Honorable Mention
IPA Award, Honorable Mention
Ellen Battel Fellowship, Yale University