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The children of Iran's gypsies: a lost childhood

Traveling to the desert, I stumbled upon a camp of gypsies on their way from Sistan to find low paid work in Khorasan. Opposite to traditional Iranian nomads, these people are characterized by their poverty, toughness and at times immoral demeanor. They allowed me to take photographs fo a few minutes and I focussed on capturing the living conditions of the many children in this camp. Small work-worn hands, ragged shoes and plastic patches on tents tell the story of their lost childhood.

Since 2000 Basim Ghomorlou (born 1984 in Iran) has traveled Iran’s nature, urban and rural areas to capture a country in transition. His work was shown in solo exhibitions in the Iranian Artists’ Forum (Khane Honarmandan) Tehran, the Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art and galleries around the country. In 2011 he was the first photographer in Iran to organize a photo exhibition in a remote village in Khorasan, where he has taken photographs regularly for ten years.

In 2016 he moved to Germany and continues his work in Europe and Iran

Awards Exhibitions (year, gallery/museum, location, group or solo exhibition: title) 
2007    Golestan Gallery, Mashhad/ Iran, solo exhibition: fine art nature
2008    Niavaran Gallery, Tehran/Iran, solo exhibition: black/white nature
2009    Artists‘ Forum Iran, Tehran/ Iran, solo exhibition: black/white nature
2009    Museum of Contemporary Art Isfahan, Iran, solo exhibition: black/white nature
2011    Golestan Gallery, Mashhad/ Iran,  with photographer Majid Bondar-Moghadam:  the winds‘ secret
2011    Open air exhibition in the village of Soltan Meydan, Iran, solo exhibition: Soltan Meydan
2012    Artin Art Gallery, Mashhad/Iran, solo exhibition: black/white nature
2015    Radin Art Gallery, Mashhad/ Iran, solo exhibition: waters
2016    Médiathèque André Malraux, Strasbourg/ France, group exhibition: Tehran – a metropolis
2017   Cinema Galeries, Brussels/Belgium, group exhibition: Expo Téhéran: une ville au pied des montagnes (L’heure d’hiver)
2018    University Bonn, Bonn/Germany, solo exhibition: without borders
2018    Monastery Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany, group exhibition: Nature Foto Days at Fürstenfeld
2019    Ravand Gallery, Mashhad/ Iran, solo exhibition: 120film (+ video art)
2019    THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space, Venice/Italy, group exhibition: visions
2019    Moya Gallery, Bonn/Germany, group exhibition: work space
2019    Museum Koenig, Bonn/Germany, group exhibition: highlights of nature photography
2019    Glaskarrée Gallery, Bonn/Germany, with painter Monique Jacquemin: Contemplate
2020    University Frankfurt, Frankfurt-Main/Germany, solo exhibition: Soltan Meydan