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If Walls Could Speak

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    Ada Trillo Photography
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    Ada Trillo
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    Ada Trillo

IF WALLS COULD SPEAK is a glimpse into the besieged hopes, harsh uncertainties, and blunt realities—but also the enduring dignity—of Central American asylum-seekers forced into a cruel and dangerous waiting game by the "Remain in Mexico" policy. The individuals and families in these photographs have experienced unthinkable traumas and faced impossible decisions. I hope that every person who views my photographs can begin to understand the odysseys many have undertaken to provide a brighter future for themselves and their children – only to be mistreated and sent back across the border.

Ada Trillo is a fine art photographer based in Philadelphia, PA, and Juarez, Mexico. Trillo holds degrees from the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and Drexel University in Philadelphia. Trillo’s work is concerned with human rights issues facing Latin America. Trillo has documented forced prostitution in Juarez and the recent migrant caravan attempting to reach the U.S.. Trillo has exhibited internationally at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, The Photo Meetings in Luxembourg, The Passion for Freedom Art Festival in London, Festival Internazionale di Fotografia in Cortona Italy and at the

Awards 2020 PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Award Finalist prize 20-20-2020

2019 Tokyo International Foto AwardsGold in Editorial/Political, 1st Place winner in Editorial

2019 Director’s Award Center for fine Art Photography Fort Collings,Co

2019 Juror’s Award Center for fine art Photography Fort Collings,Co

2019 Center for Emerging Visual Artist fellowship

2019 Smithsonian Magazine Photo of the day: 06.20.19 editors pick award

2019 Lens on Latin America exhibition First-prize winner: 'Estrellas.'

2018 Monochrome Awards Nude - Honorable Mention
(Professional) Coco by Ada Trillo (United States)

2018 Passion for Freedom October 10 “Ada Trillo’s “La Lova – Prostitute Ciudad Juarez” received the Silver Award in London.”

2018 ND Awards editorial: documentary 2nd place silver star award Ada Trillo united states

2017 Leeway Foundation art for change grant

2017 The Photo Review Competition Winners

2017 Black and White International Awards, Italy first place best series