Curator Selection / 2020 / /

Children Living in Perpetual Invisibility

In an effort to escape poverty, Filipino children are being lured into the cybersex trade by human traffickers. Cybersex trafficking is a sinister form of modern-day slavery in the Philippines — the live sexual abuse of children streamed via the internet. “Children Living in Perpetual Invisibility" is a awareness campaign created to shed light on children enslaved in the cybersex trade. The project demonstrates, in real time, the daily life of rescued Filipino cybersex-trafficked children who live in a long-term shelter where they receive psychological care and learn life skills.

Matilde Simas, a first-generation Azorean-American visual storyteller, dedicates her artistic endeavors to social narratives and personal stories. Matilde engages in collaborative projects that empower individuals to co-create their narratives and shape their representation. Her accolades and collaborations with NGOs around the globe underscore her commitment to using visual art as a powerful tool for social activism. Notably, her evocative images find a place in the U.S. Trafficking in Persons Report and Kenyan Directory of Service Providers for Trafficking Persons.