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Palliative places. Lived in places.

  • Prize
    Bronze in Architecture/Interior
  • Photographer
    Lorenzo Lumeras
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This series shows interiors of Europe from the mid 19th century. Located in the Brandenburg area and Portugal, they are former hospitals. Its inhabitants were first TB patients but these rooms also served as shelter for soldiers of the two world wars.Nazis and Russians occupied these spaces and today, in private hands,it is artists from all over the world who use these rooms to work , rehearse or make performances.One of the two hospitals in Portugalremains disused.It is still wonderful to feel the passage of time,to be present in the face of so much absence while nature slowly takes positions

Awards Honour mention PRAXIS gallery Minneapolis EEUU. 2016
Selected exibition PRAXIS GALLERY (MINNEAPOLIS)2019

Collective exhibition MILLEPIANI gallery ROME.
DECEMBER 2019 and March 2020.

first prize "Ciudad de Badajoz" 2016
Exhibition at "Palacio de Linares" Cibeles (Madrid) 2016
Second prize "Ciudad de Badajoz" photo prize. 2019
Second prize "Sala el Brocense" Visual arts awards. Cáceres (Spain) 2018