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    Bronze in Book/People
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    Tan Chin Hock
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Food delivery riders pound the road daily to deliver food to us so that we could avoid making unnecessary trips outdoors where we might contract or spread the coronavirus.

Beside dealing with dangers of being on the road, they also face high risk of being infected with the coronavirus through each contact that they come into.

I captured photographs of them going through the scorching heat and some of the challenging situation in their daily hustles as a form of salute to these silent heroes.

We are safer due to their selflessness contributions :)

Chin Hock

An advocate of strong families, Chin Hock is known for promoting filial piety in Singapore. For the dedication to his parents and for advocacy of the Asian value ‘Filial Piety’, he was awarded the filial piety award conferred by Nanyang Confucian Association in 2013. An avid photographer, his family themed photographs have been featured in the Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition (NAPE), one of the largest
photography exhibitions in Singapore, from 2015 – 2019 consecutively. The avid photographer revolves his life around family, running and dark chocolates.

Awards PX3 Book Best New Talent 2019

Inspiring author of photobook ‘Father (父), Mother (母)’ https://singapore.kinokuniya.com/bw/9789810969318)

Photo exhibits on family values were selected for the Ngee Ann Photography Exhibition (Singapore) in 2015- 2021.