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The Last Resort

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Collage
  • Photographer
    Andreas Kremer
  • Studio
    ImVerbund GmbH
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In this series I integrate typical urban and landscape scenes into a spatially and culturally different context. Due to the resulting polarity, the surreal and sometimes dystopian-looking images appear like hypothetical sociological studies and as a metaphor of time. My aim is to illustrate the interaction between nature and the space claimed by humans in it, thereby highlighting current challenges such as climate change, rural exodus, exclusion or the clash of social orders.

Andreas Kremer, living in Cologne/Germany, began his artistic path after he had worked successfully in business for many years. Never losing touch with photography during the years, 2014 he changed his focus completely to photography as visual art, and hasn’t put down his camera since. The fascination for Japan culminated in his first photo book TENSION in 2019, published by KERBER Verlag and awarded gold a short time later.

Awards Since 2016, Andreas images and his photobook have been awarded and featured by several national and international photocontests and magazines like Kolga Photo Award (Georgia), Tokyo, Budapest and Moskau International Foto Awards, The Independent Photographer, IPA International Photography Awards, Lensculture, L´Oeil de la Photographie, Featureshoot, Esquire, Leica LFI, PX3 Paris, and others.