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Fury in the Slaughterhouse Car Concert

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    Silver in Advertising/Music
  • Photographer
    Holger Buecker, Germany
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Due to Corona all "normal" concerts had to been canceled from March onwards. But in Hannover / Germany they organized car concerts which was a win/win/win situation for fans/bands/crews.

This photo shows Christof Stein-Schneider of Fury in the Slaughterhouse. They played three times in front of approximately 1.000 cars each time.

I am a Hannover based photographer with a focus on concert photography, which is my big passion.

Awards Al-Thani Grand Pix Award for Photography 2014
German National Photo Art Champion 2019
Winner Austrian National Photo Art Championship (Monochrome)2019
7-Time PSA "Who is Who" / 4-Time Top Exhibitor
More than 1.400 international FIAP/PSA/GPU/... awards
2nd Plce New Advertising Talent of the Year at Px3
2-Times IPA Winner "Concert Category"
Tifa-Winner "Concert Category"