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  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Fashion
  • Photographer
    Nikolai Endegor
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This series is the part of "My second half" project. It show interaction of human inner and outer worlds, conscious and unconscious wills, hidden desires and actual behavior. The project reveals the topic frivolously, in a playful and sometimes humorous form.

Nikolai Endegor is a Russian photographer currently based in Paris. In photography, he likes portraiture and creative arts. He also loves street and architecture photography, Paris and Parisians being the main characters of his works.

Awards Best Photographer 2009, Russia (3d place)
Black & White Spider Awards, 2014 (3d place)
Le plus grand concours photo du monde, France 2014 (Prix Olympus)
PX3 Photo Competition, 2015 (Silver in Fine Art/Nude)
AdMe Photo Awards, 2016 (Grand Prix)
Championnat de France de photo, 2017 (Prix meilleure portrait)
Black & White Spider Awards, 2018 (2d place in Photographer of the Year)